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Our Mission

What is Blue Santa?
The Blue Santa program began in 1984, when a police officer arrested a man for shoplifting. The officers found that the man was stealing children’s clothing for his children’s Christmas. After the arrest, the officers involved were touched by the suspects’ heartfelt story. The officers asked for donations from other officers to purchase toys for the children’s Christmas. The response was overwhelming and the abundance of money allowed the officers to purchase toys for an additional dozen disadvantage children. The early excitement of 1984 has grown to over 1500 Houston Police Officers donating bi weekly to this program. The program currently provides toys to approximately 10,000 economically disadvantage children on a yearly basis.

The Blue Santa program made a progressive leap in 1997 when KIKK 95.7 made Blue Santa the official charity of the month for December. The public responded by donating almost 500 new bikes that year. The bicycles were distributed by Houston Police Officers to the cities most needy youth. The promotion was such a big success that Infinity Radio continued their sponsorship for several years.

How does the program work?
Year round, Blue Santa prepares itself to help needy families during the Christmas season. Toys are purchased year round and during the month of December the toys are distributed to the contributing officers. Since the program is funded mainly by the contributions of the officers, only the officers that contribute financially to the program can sponsor a family. The private donations given to the Blue Santa program allows us to purchase better quality toys and allows to make larger packages for the children.

The sponsoring officers is responsible for wrapping the toys and delivering them to the family or families that the officer has identified. Any Houston Police Officer can be part of the program; an officer wishing to be part of the program should download a Payroll Deduction Form and send it in to the payroll department. The officers’ payroll will be deducted on a bi-monthly basis.

If you are enrolled in the program, you will need to obtain some information pertaining to the family that you are sponsoring and complete a Family Form for each family. Once the Family form is completed bring it with you to the distribution center.

How do you buy these toys?
All the toys are purchased by several of the Board of Directors. These officers are always on the lookout for a good buy. Keeping their eyes open for clearance items and good sales allows the donating officer to benefit from the keen sense of purchasing that they have acquired throughout the years. These officers have built relationship with stores who are always willing to inform them of the current sales and offer then additional discount. The Blue Santa program currently has about 1,500 participants who contribute to the program thru payroll deduction. The money collected is used to purchase toys from different stores and distributors. Most of our toys are purchased on sale, or through the distributors themselves. The toys are distributed to the contributing officers during the month of December so they can wrap, put the finishing touches to the toys and distribute the them to the children they have identified. For this years distribution dates and location please tab over to our EVENTS tab.

How do I get on the list for receiving toys?
We are sorry to inform the public that the Blue Santa program does not work off of any list. The families who receive toys from the Blue Santa program are needy families who have been identified by the contributing officer. By doing this the officer is able to see firsthand, the real need for that family. The officer giving the toys can identify his family in many different ways. Some officers encounter their families out on patrol, while others simply know of a family that has a need for a helping hand this Christmas season.

Because this program is funded mainly by Houston Police Officer donations, anyone wishing to receive toys for their children must approach an H.P.D. officer. They should look for an officer within their community and ask him/her if they are a member of Blue Santa program. If the officer is a member of the Blue Santa program he/she will take your family information (address, phone number, names and ages of the children) and submit a Family Form to our office. The officer who is sponsoring you will deliver the toys to your home. Under no circumstances will a family be allowed to pick up their own gifts.

This program does not have a list or a phone number that a family can call to be sponsored. However if you have a question regarding the program please contact us at (713) 247-8730.


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